Our company carries out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work in the field of safety and fire prevention. We offer overhaul, tests, recharge, control, calibration, and testing of safety and fire prevention devices, as well as the construction and installation of systems.

Fire Extinguishers

We take care of the revision, refilling, and testing of fire extinguishers CO2, nitrogen, air, foam, and powder of various capacities.

Air Devices

We offer revision and test services of SCBA (Breathing Apparatus), EEBD (Emergency Escape Breathing Device), compressors, and air quality analysis.

Life Saving Appliances (LSA)

We offer testing and review of immersion suits, chemical suits, inflatable life jackets, and fireman suits.

Fixed Systems

We take care of the revision and control of fixed CO2, foam, powder, and inert gas systems according to current national and international regulations.

Gas Detectors

We offer Draeger and MSA gas detector calibration and overhaul services.


We take care of the construction and installation of systems.

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